Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to what our customers have to say about Perspectium. These are some of the enterprises that are already using Perspectium to deliver their integrations as a service.

McDonald’s is the world’s leading global food service retailer with over 36,000 locations in over 100 countries. More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local business men and women.

Perspectium SIAM integration hub connects McDonald’s global IT infrastructure with AT&T Enterprise Business Services via a real-time integration gateway. Perspectium simplifies McDonalds’ systems and application integration strategy by enabling consistent, secure, and highly available integrated solutions.

Zurich is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. They provide a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services in more than 170 countries.

Perspectium SIAM integration hub connects Zurich’s global IT infrastructure with British Telecom Global Services via a real-time integration gateway. Perspectium’s SIAM integration hub paves the way for Zurich to organically grow its SIAM initiatives over time with confidence and security.

DaVita Healthcare Partners is one of the largest kidney care companies in the United States, with corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Having enabled edge-encryption technology in their ServiceNow instance, DaVita needed an integration solution that would bring their encrypted at rest data out into their on-premise database for reporting and governance. Perspectium Replicator was chosen for its ability to support edge-encryption and provide a secure framework for all integrations with data that is encrypted at rest.

Dimension Data is a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services.

Their customer-facing online data store needed access to internal databases to fulfill revenue-generating transactions. With Perspectium, they are able to facilitate data exchange with their catalog and internal SQL database and are now supporting 35 million transactions a month.

ServiceNow needed to push large amounts of data to its financial reporting platform as well as ensure peak performance for its customer support instance.

With Perspectium, they have replaced 2 custom integrations and are processing 10 million+ transactions a day.

Virteva is a Managed Service Provider based in the Midwest. They had more than 30 customers that required individual logins for each of their systems with no way to interchange incidents with customers.

With Perspectium, they are able to integrate all their customers to a central MSP ServiceNow instance, replacing 20 custom integrations and supporting 10 million transactions a month.

Accenture needs to migrate and maintain the ITSM platforms for 460 clients. They need a comprehensive and standard way to move data between ServiceNow and Remedy as well as synchronize multiple ServiceNow instances around the world.

With Perspectium, Accenture has eliminated the need for 11 custom integrations and are supporting 5 million transactions per month.

NYSE needed a robust integration between ServiceNow and a data store in Oracle for knowledge records. The POC was proved out in 3 days and showed immediate value to NYSE. Additional data element integrations into Oracle can be added at-will.

With Perspectium, NYSE was able to eliminate the need for a custom integration and are supporting 2.5 million transactions a month.

CERN reported needs that required a data warehouse in MySQL. CERN also wanted to improve and guarantee continued performance of ServiceNow to its users.

With Perspectium, CERN has eliminated the need for custom integration and are supporting 2.5 million transactions a month. Additionally, they are using Perspectium’s Observer product to pro-actively identify areas to improve the performance of their production instance of ServiceNow.

Credit Suisse is using Perspectium to integrate ServiceNow with local databases, as well as internal message bus technology to expand the reach of ServiceNow integrations. They also use Perspectium Replicator to safeguard against data loss during major version upgrades.

Following the Paramount acquisition, Viacom needed to consolidate 11 ServiceNow instances down to 3 and synchronize data in real time.

With Perspectium, they have eliminated the need for 11 custom integrations and are supporting 5 million transactions a month.

Swiss Re needed a comprehensive way to proactively manage performance issues with ServiceNow.

With Perspectium Observer, they were able to identify where the slowdowns were occurring, and subsequently improve performance 20x, bringing key data retrieval down from 51 seconds to 600ms.

ScrippsNetworks was experiencing unacceptable ServiceNow performance – impacting user experience and process automation.

With Perspectium Observer, ScrippsNetworks was able to identify all the current performance issues and proactively identify new issues before they occurred. They are now experiencing excellent ServiceNow performance and are confident in future performance.