Perspectium TCO Calculator

Number of Integrations

How many enterprise-level integrations do you need?
Include inbound and outbound,web services, API, email integrations,
reporting, database integrations, etc.

How many of these integrations should be "real-time"?
Real-time integrations typically cost more to create

Perspectium TCO Calculator

Integration Costs

What is the approximate cost of any software required to
create these integrations?

This line item assumes a 20% annual maintenance charge

Cost of development per hour
This should be a "fully burdened" cost

Hours to build each integration
Our experience shows that integrations can take from 300-1000 hours to
build test and implement

Hours to maintain/enhance each integration per year
Our experience shows that this is typically about 30% of the development time

Perspectium TCO Calculator

Take a look at how much you could save every year!

... but it's not just the money

Based on what you told us, we estimate that Perspectium could save you up to $xx over your current integration approach every single year. Not only that, but managing your integrations with Perspectium means that you can:

- Integrate securely - with encrypted data, and control over what data is sent where

- Integrate quickly - in as little as a day. How long does your current approach take?

- Integrate processes - not just data. Make integration your "workflow of workflows"

- Integrate with confidence - with high availability & best practice built-in

Click on the links below to get your own TCO toolkit that you can use to build your own integration business case, or request a comprehensive TCO analysis from one of our experts to get a more precise picture of your potential integration savings.