ROI Calculator

Perspectium integrations as a service are not only faster to implement, easier to manage, and more secure, they cost a whole lot less than your current approach too

Number of Integrations

How many enterprise-level integrations do you need?
Include inbound and outbound,web services, API, email integrations, reporting, database integrations, etc.

How many of these integrations should be “real-time”?
Real-time integrations typically cost more to create

Integration Costs

What is the approximate cost of any software required to create these integrations
This line item assumes a 20% annual maintenance charge

Cost of development per hour

Hours to build each integration
Our experience shows that integrations can take from 300-1000 hours to build test and implement

Hours to maintain/enhance each integration per year.
Our experience shows that this is typically about 30% of the development time.