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VeriSM™ is a service management approach for the digital age that helps service providers create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes. VeriSM was defined by the International Foundation for Digital Competencies (iFDC), a global non-profit organization and thought leader in the area of digital competences, whose mission is to develop, own, maintain, and promote (open) standards and approaches for the development of professionals in the digital era.

VeriSM stands for: Value-driven, Evolving, Responsive, Integrated Service Management. In this approach, a service provider is any group or function that provides service to another -- including within in the same organization. IT provides service to the whole business, but so do HR and Finance, and Sales or Customer Service both provide service to the external customer. This is provision of service in the broadest context, rather than the common industry association of IT service or 3rd party service providers.

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What is VeriSM?







VeriSM discusses the context of a management “mesh”, which brings together all of these providers in a common, unified approach for service delivery. The approach is one in which Perspectium believes strongly. Our customers choose us because they need to unify processes across different teams, different systems of record, and even different management frameworks. VeriSM is a business oriented approach to service delivery, rather than a functionally oriented one such as ITIL, which is specific to the operations and processes within IT.

For Perspectium, we see our integration solutions as a perfect fit with the VeriSM approach. We provide an integration mesh that enables multiple teams, and the systems on which they rely, to operate seamlessly and effectively for the best possible business outcomes. We recognize the differences between functions, and our solutions help eliminate technology barriers to those functions working together.

By partnering with iFDC, it is Perspectium’s goal to promote and support the evolution of VeriSM, and to expand awareness of its value to a modern, service-oriented organization. We invite you to browse this site, learn more about our integration solutions, and read about customers who already trust Perspectium to solve their integration challenges. To speak with a Perspectium representative about how our solutions can benefit your organization, click the button below.