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Little Videos, Big Ideas

In these 1-3 minute videos, listen to our customers explain various use cases in which Perspectium has helped to advance their service management.

Ditch the Swivel Chair to Unleash Growth

When you copy-paste data without automation, you limit productivity, elevate the risk for error, and inevitably work with obsolete or inaccurate data. In order to scale better, Virteva switched from the swivel chair to automation.

How Does Real-time Data Transfer Hold Up?

Zurich Insurance has a real-time integration of incidents. In this clip, Craig Edwards explains how the integration functions with the performance and reliability that Zurich needs.

Integration Results for ServiceNow

In addition to being a major integration endpoint, ServiceNow is also a customer of Perspectium. Find out how these integrations work out for ServiceNow.

Build or Buy?

After considering whether to build their integration solution, Accenture discovered that Perspectium had already built it. After that discovery, the decision was easy.

Thorough Reporting Without Performance Impacts

Looking to integrate service-desk instances, Virteva needed a complete view of customers for reports while preserving the solid performance of the instances.

Connecting Systems for Better Reporting

When you connect multiple service-management instances, you can report on a more complete view of your services. Listen to Pablo Del Castro discuss how CERN uses Perspectium to integrate multiple services for better reporting.

Better Service with a 360-degree Customer View

Better visibility for you means better service for users and customers. In this video, Matt Miller of Virteva discusses integrating with customer instances for incident management and knowledge management.