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How to Take Control of ServiceNow Backups

How to Take Control of ServiceNow Backups

ServiceNow has changed their backup retention policy, reducing the time backups are kept to just 14 days (from 28).

Fortunately, Perspectium partner recently made DataSync Snapshot - a backup and disaster recovery SNOW-native application - available to ServiceNow users.

How DataSync Snapshot Improves BDR for ServiceNow

DataSync Snapshot extends ServiceNow’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities by allowing organizations to:

  • Extend the backup retention period indefinitely
  • Automate backups on a schedule you decide
  • Create ServiceNow backups on-demand
  • Backup and restore ServiceNow in-full, or only the data you select
  • Backup and Restore ServiceNow without negatively impacting instance performance


In this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate how organizations can overcome ServiceNow’s backup and recovery limitations with DataSync Snapshot

What You'll Learn:

  • ServiceNow’s backup policy changes explained
  • The limitations of ServiceNow’s backup and restore capabilities
  • Taking control over ServiceNow backups and recovery with DataSync Snapshot
  • DataSync Snapshot demo

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