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We’re Proud to be Working With the Best of the Best

We know that you're probably already working closely with some of the leading technology resellers in the world … and so are we. Together with Perspectium, these organizations can help you enable business connectivity - together with the control, availability and throughput that you need.

Blue Turtle

One of South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management companies, Blue Turtle leads the way in enterprise IT and service management solutions.

Pathways Consulting

An IT consulting company that helps IT executives architect and execute new business process to help them run IT “more like a business”.

Contender Solutions

A team of certified, skilled professionals that have a "big-picture" view of all aspects of a system's architecture.

Triad Technology Partners

Triad Technology Partners has deep experience advising federal agencies on software solutions, installation, and customization.


For over 10 years, Norima Consulting Inc. has been transforming businesses by leveraging the right technology, at the right time, by, and in collaboration with, the right people.


Founded in 1989, SHI is a global provider of technology products and services, delivering custom IT solutions to Corporate, Enterprise, Public Sector, and Academic customers.