New Perspectium ServiceBond for AWS Enables Full Portability of Service Requests
and Status Updates Between AWS Support Center and ServiceNow


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – April 17, 2019 – Perspectium, a leader in service management integration, today announced a new product, ServiceBond for AWS, that integrates IT support between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a customer’s ServiceNow service management system. Now customers can use their existing IT Service Management (ITSM) systems to create, view, update and resolve AWS cases without having to separately access the AWS Support Portal. ServiceBond for AWS is designed to eliminate the need for duplicate entries of service or support information and enable seamless support between a customer’s own IT team and the AWS Support team, with each using their system of choice.

“Perspectium’s ServiceBond for AWS solution allows us to create and share support tickets with AWS without having to enter them into multiple platforms,” said Steve Tolson, Program Manager for Service Engineering at CDW. “The integration between ServiceNow and AWS Support Center is an important requirement to help CDW provide exceptional service for our Managed Services customers. ServiceBond for AWS was quick and easy to install, configure, test and deploy. It only took a few days to get it working in our production environment.”

ServiceBond for AWS Architecture

ServiceBond for AWS is designed to make support processes more efficient, preserve data quality, lessen the chance of errors, provide greater visibility into incidents and ensure consistent, measurable, and repeatable service actions. Now, users don’t need to log in to multiple systems to initiate or work with AWS cases or “swivel chair” from one system to another to get support, see updates or provide service. The replication between an organization’s ServiceNow instances and the AWS Support Center also allows the incident to remain a part of an organization’s own ITSM process, so it can continue to flow seamlessly across internal applications, including tools for development and customer support.

“IT Service Management Tools are an important cog in the Enterprise IT management and provisioning life cycle,” said Clive D’Souza, Global Head, Business Development for AWS Service Catalog, AWS Marketplace (Americas), and AWS Control Tower, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We’re delighted to be working with Perspectium to improve customer experience by allowing customers to seamlessly provision native AWS services and third-party ISV Software from AWS Marketplace using the AWS Service Catalog – ServiceBond integration.”

“With rapid adoption of AWS and the common practice of employing hybrid infrastructure, organizations want to ensure seamless experiences for users and establish fully integrated data and services,” said David Loo, CEO of Perspectium. “By integrating the systems for IT service between AWS Support and a company’s own IT organization, Perspectium enables single-source service management to efficiently solve issues, make requests, conduct work, enable transparency, measure success and share status. ServiceBond for AWS links AWS Support with an organization’s familiar in-house service tools for fully unified operation.”

Leveraging the Perspectium Integration Mesh, contextual aware data is transformed from the native format of an organization’s own service management tool to the native format of AWS Support Center and back again, allowing equal mapping of fields and updating of data for real-time, lock-step updates. Initially, ServiceBond for AWS will integrate with ServiceNow, but support for other ITSM tools and additional service provider organizations is expected shortly.

Because incident data for AWS can now reside within an organization’s own ITSM tool, personnel can easily report on that data—number of incidents created and resolved, the mean resolution time, and so forth. Service providers can utilize ServiceBond for AWS to make the status of incidents visible to their customers, enhancing transparency and improving customer experience. Service providers can also better track their performance to ensure or prove meeting agreed upon service levels with customers. Providers can now have all incident details in a single place.

Perspectium ServiceBond for AWS is available on AWS Marketplace immediately.

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Service management is supposed to be an enterprise-wide best practice but is often limited by being stuck within individual departments and applications. Perspectium solves the problem of data and process silos by integrating context-aware information in real-time through a complete, end-to-end service. As a result, Perspectium enables seamless service delivery within enterprises and service providers. Perspectium provides always-current, secure integration solutions as managed cloud services allowing developers to focus on other digital transformation priorities. Perspectium provides ridiculously high levels of scalability and availability, solving intricate integration challenges for some of the world’s largest organizations.



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