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MSP Success Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Listen to what our customers have to say about Perspectium. Here are some of the
service providers that are already using Perspectium for their internal and customer integrations.


Accenture has grown extremely quickly, and is onboarding new customers weekly. This growth meant that Accenture needs a unified, repeatable approach to integrations that won’t negatively impact service desk performance.

With Perspectium, Accenture eliminated the need for 11 custom integrations, is replicating 2 million records per day, is offering real-time ServiceNow reporting of over 100 million records per month, and can onboard a new customer within a couple of days.

With web services, CDW’s integrations were cumbersome, inadequate, and expensive to maintain. Besides having impediments to scalability, CDW needed to improve its integration offerings for customers, who at the time needed to do development work on their end to complete integration projects with CDW—at a price tag of $50,000 in one case.

CDW now offers customer integration solutions that satisfy these requirements: giving visibility to customers, ensuring real-time transfer for data integrity, and not requiring extra coding by the customer. With a complete integration solution in place, CDW is well-positioned to scale their service management.

Logo_Dimension Data

Dimension Data is a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services.

Their customer-facing online data store needed access to internal databases to fulfill revenue-generating transactions. With Perspectium, they are able to facilitate data exchange with their catalog and internal SQL database and are now supporting 35 million transactions a month.

Needing to connect into each of their customers’ systems, Virteva were missing out on economies of scale with its swivel-chair integration.

With Perspectium, Virteva were able to integrate all their customers to a central MSP ServiceNow instance, replacing 20 custom integrations and supporting 10 million transactions a month. Virteva reduced their onboarding time by more than 80%, eliminated swivel-chair integration, and introduced common workflows and consistent service levels.