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Make the Switch to Perspectium DataSync


How Many of These Boxes Can You Check?

ServiceNow use has spread across the organization, much more than just ITSM

You don't want to run large reports during the day due to the performance impact that has on ServiceNow

You need real-time replication of high priority records for executive dashboards

You have a new directive to archive ServiceNow data to the corporate data warehouse

You spend too much time validating that data successfully reached its destination

 Choosing SnowMirror to extract data from ServiceNow® is similar to building your own data integration using APIs and web services: it's fine when you start, but creates challenges once ServiceNow is widely used across the business, and data volumes increase exponentially. We've heard the same thing repeatedly from SnowMirror customers who made the switch to Perspectium DataSync. We'd like to help you make the switch too.


For a limited time, we are extending the following offer to current SnowMirror customers: make the switch to Perspectium, and we will set you up with
DataSync Standard for the same price as your current annual contract -- or our list price, whichever is lower.


If this sounds interesting, just enter your email below and we'll be in touch. It's that simple.