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No-one thinks they have a backup problem, until something goes wrong and they need to restore. If you can’t restore ServiceNow® applications or data quickly and securely, there is immediate business risk caused by downtime. To work out your readiness for a restoration, answer the follow questions:

  • If you need to restore, can you do it yourself?
  • Can you choose which applications or data get restored?
  • Can you restore apps and data to a different instance?
  • Is ServiceNow still available to the users during a restore?
  • Can you choose how long your backups are retained?

If you answered “No” to any of those, you might start to see the real problem. Operational resilience. Customer trust. Data retention obligations. All are at risk when you have no control over your critical business data.

With Perspectium DataSync Snapshot, you control your ServiceNow backup and restore. You choose what and when you backup, and you restore with a single button click. Simple. Fast. Under Your Control. Complete the form on this page to watch the DataSync Snapshot introduction and demo for the first native solution to your ServiceNow backup and restore problems.

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