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Global pandemic. Economic crisis. Remote workforces. This year, even the best prepared companies have struggled with business continuity. Just as we needed resilience in our personal lives, how does a business develop a collective culture where the ability to recover is a part of normal operations?

Recovery is enabled by a combination of process and technology, but also by a culture that embraces and implements a connection between risk management and operational resiliency practices. The goal is recovery, and returning to a functional state in the shortest possible time, even if "normal" is different than what existed before.

Join David Loo, founder / CEO of Perspectium, and Maureen Robson-Norman, founder / CEO of whyaye! as they discuss how recovery can be an intentional, conscious business practice. Maureen brings a deep understanding of business and cultural change, and David's focus is on software enabling  IT to automate processes effectively and still evolve quickly to keep up with business needs. Together, they can help you learn and grow from everything 2020 has thrown at you.

Original Air Date: November 18, 2020

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