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It's no secret that ServiceNow applications have greatly matured over the last couple of years, reducing the need to customize to get the desired business outcome. As a result, many ServiceNow users plan on moving to “out of box” applications to ease the burden of upgrading, and to take advantage of the more comprehensive functionality. 

But going “out of box” isn’t as simple as it sounds. What happens to all the data you collected in the customized applications? How will you access historical data with different fields and business rules? Will you test it in parallel with the existing app? How will you keep data in sync between multiple applications that are automating the same process?

Complete the form to listen to this informative webinar, in which Jonathan Ridyard from National Grid and Martin Frain from Swiss Re will share their experiences of migrating back to out of box ServiceNow applications - including some unexpected challenges that they encountered along the way.

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