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How to Replicate ServiceNow Data to Your External Database in Real-time!

How to Replicate ServiceNow Data Externally in Real-time

Increase your ROI from ServiceNow by replicating data to external systems - with zero performance impact - enabling all data teams to access ServiceNow data.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How Perspectium integrations transfer over 1 billion records per month, without impacting performance.
  • Why ServiceNow uses Perspectium integrations for their internal ServiceNow data analysis and reporting requirements.
  • How to improve ServiceNow data availability by replicating data to external systems.
  • Why API and web services-based integrations can’t compete with Perspectium’s Push Technology integrations.

The webinar concludes with a demonstration of the technology.

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Avoid API, Avoid Performance Degradation

API and web services-based integrations put a strain on the platform’s system resources.

Perspectium integrations avoid API, and can transfer over 1 billion records per-month to common external databases, without impacting performance.

We achieve this by leveraging Perspectium's ServiceNow-native delivery, using the platform's internal mechanisms to push data out, rather than making external API calls to extract data.

With Perspectium, data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, and pushed out into a cloud-enable Message Broker System. Target systems retrieve data from the MBS, rather than directly from ServiceNow, preserving instance performance.

As well as enabling high-throughput, no performance-impact data transfers, this approach protects users against data loss and exposure. In the event of an outage at the target system, encrypted data waits in the MBS until the target system is back online and the transfer resumes.

The results?

  • Extract and replicate massive amounts of ServiceNow data without impacting performance
  • Create reports more quickly
  • Support data democratization and allow self-service access to ServiceNow data, from an external database
  • Increase ServiceNow's ROI
  • Prevent data loss in the event of system outtages, with transferred data 

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