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Why Choose Perspectium?

Perspectium provides applications and integration services for connecting ServiceNow to the wider enterprise.

Our applications were architected by the founding developer of ServiceNow, David Loo, to provide high-throughput without impacting ServiceNow's performance.

Perspectium users extract maximum value from ServiceNow data without the hassle (and hidden costs) associated with managing integrations internally.

Enjoy performance-impact free data replication, integration and backups with Perspectium.

Perspectium is endorsed and used internally by ServiceNow

ServiceNow are one of many customers using Perspectium's ServiceNow-native applications.

Perspectium applications are designed to improve the availability of ServiceNow data without impacting the platform's performance.

Traditional data extraction and replication applications aren't equipped to scale

When extracting and replicating large data volumes, traditional methods (such as API and web services) compete for ServiceNow's operational bandwidth. This causes performance issues that lead to:

Delayed reporting, impacting an organizations decision making
Poor data availability, limiting the quality of insight
Slow queries, affecting day-to-day use of ServiceNow

What makes Perspectium different?

Perspectium differs from traditional data extraction and replication applications.

Our applications do not rely on external API/web services to extract and replicate ServiceNow data. Instead, Perspectium operates natively within ServiceNow, using efficient Push Technology to initiate data transfers and avoid performance degradation.

Extract and replicate massive amounts of ServiceNow data without impacting performance

ServiceNow integration experts implement integrations fast, with the average customer up and running in ~30 days

In-built audit and error checking ensures data gets to where it needs to be, when it's needed

Implemented and maintained by ServiceNow integration experts, with no internal maintenance requirements

Secure integrations protect data at-rest and in-transit with encryption and obfuscation capabilities

Watch the video to see how Perspectium differs from traditional data replication and extraction applications.

Focus on what adds value, with Perspectium's
no-code applications

Since Perspectium integrations are implemented and maintained by experts, our applications are no-code for the end-user.

  • ServiceNow-native applications: Perspectium is embedded within the ServiceNow GUI you're already familiar with.
  • Short learning curve: Users of ServiceNow need no additional training to work with Perspectium solutions.
  • Integration-as-a-service: Unlike integration Platforms-as-a-Service, Perspectium both implements and maintains integrations on behalf of the end-user.
  • No internal maintenance requirements: Users can focus on using integrations, rather than making integrations useable.

Avoid the performance issues of API and web-services data transfers

Perspectium apps are installed and operate natively within ServiceNow. 

Because of this, Perspectium avoids performance and security issues common in API and web services data transfers.

Instead, efficient “Push” technology sends data to a queue in a cloud-enabled Message Broker System (MBS).

Target systems retrieve data from the MBS, rather than ServiceNow directly, preserving and improving ServiceNow performance.

With this approach, Perspectium can transfer over 1 billion records per month, without affecting ServiceNow's performance.

Learn why you should avoid API and web-services-based ServiceNow integrations


Perspectium pulls data from the MBS, rather than directly from the ServiceNow platform meaning ServiceNow's performance is preserved.

Implement New Integrations In Under 30 Days

Perspectium customers can implement new integrations in under 30 Days for rapid time-to-value and minimal operational disruption

1 billion records

Perspectium customers can transfer over 1 billion records per month without impacting performance, supporting real-time reporting and more.

Create as many backups as you need and keep them as long as they're required

Create as many ServiceNow backups as you need, and keep them as long as they're required, with DataSync Snapshot.

1 simple platform - Perspectium apps run natively within the ServiceNow platform with which you are already familiar

Perspectium apps run natively within the ServiceNow UI with which you are already familiar, so you can consolidate your tech stack and cut down on training expenses

Maintenance-free, integrations-as-a-service

Perspectium is a true integration-as-a-service (IaaS), meaning our experts handle everything from implementation to maintenance, and provide support 24/7 x 365.

Perspectium's customers can focus internal resources and employee time on value-adding tasks. 

Ensure your integrations work as intended, by working with Perspectium.

Fast time-to-value integrations

With Perspectium, organizations can implement new integrations in hours, not weeks and months. 

Perspectium customers benefit from our expertise in delivering ServiceNow and the native implementation of the applications.

Since Perspectium apps are embedded within the ServiceNow user interface with which you are already familiar, the learning curve is short, allowing organizations to hit the ground running.

Ensure data quality and limit technical debt

Traditional methods of integration such as API can expose organizations to data security and quality risks when poorly configured.

They also require routine and resource-extensive maintenance to keep them operational.

Implementing the wrong type of integration method leads to a number of hidden costs and significant technical debt.

Learn about the hidden costs of ETL and API integrations.

Trusted ServiceNow Integration Partners

As a trusted ServiceNow partner, Perspectium delivers integration applications and services to many ServiceNow customers.

Maintain integration security and privacy

Perspectium encrypts ServiceNow data at-rest and in-transit. Encryption options include:

  • TripleDES
  • AES-128
  • AES-256

Obfuscation technology is also available to support privacy and compliance.

Learn more about how Perspectium secures ServiceNow data transfers:

Blog: ServiceNow Security and Integrations

Whitepaper: Keeping Your ServiceNow Integrations Secure

Whitepaper: GDPR and IT Service Management

Prevent data loss during outages

As well as enabling performance-impact free integrations, Perspectium’s Message Broker System helps prevent data loss. 

Because data transfers are queued in the cloud-enabled message broker system, data is protected in the event of an outage at the target system. 

Instead of being lost, the data remains encrypted securely in the queue, ready to be transferred when the system is back online.

Perspectium Pricing

Integrations can be difficult to plan, and even more difficult to budget for, with the hidden costs of custom and DIY integrations increasing over time.

With Perspectium there are no hidden costs. Pricing is based on your requirements.

To get a quote, talk to us.

Still considering implementing a custom/DIY integration, download our free Total Cost of Ownership Calculator, to help you budget more effectively.

How to Get Started with Perspectium?

Getting started with Perspectium is easy. As a managed service, the first step is to simply talk to us

Our solution is tailored to meet the needs of the customer organization, and so the first step is to let us know what you intend to integrate, and your requirements for the integration.