Implementing Data Replication to a Reporting Database

This course enables consultants and administrators to implement the Perspectium solution of replicating data between ServiceNow and a JDBC 2.0 compliant external database.

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This training is intended for ServiceNow administrators, database administrators, or module specific managers who wish to control the replication of data to an external storage system.



The prerequisite for this class is a basic understanding of the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) processes as it relates to the data being replicated. Additionally, the student should have completed the Perspectium Core foundation course or have equivalent knowledge.



This presentation takes two hours.



The ServiceNow to reporting database integration class covers the following:

  • Windows and ready to run installations for ServiceNow to database replication
  • Agent.xml
  • Running the agent
  • Troubleshooting/creating a replicator report
  • Configuration of database to ServiceNow replication
  • Setting up the subscribe queue and subscribes