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Delivering Success as a Service with SIAM

Crossfuze, a provider of as-a-service solutions for ServiceNow and Microsoft Cloud customers, needed to improve the economies of scale on which an MSP relies.

The Problem

As a managed service provider (MSP) for mid-sized organizations, Crossfuze is required to connect into each of their customers’ systems to service their IT needs. But performing that manually, with “swivel-chair” integrations, meant that they were losing the economies of scale on which an MSP relies. After initially developing integrations in-house to connect the customer systems to their own, Crossfuze figured that there had to be a better way, and chose to partner with Perspectium.

The Solution

Crossfuze selected Perspectium because of their understanding of ServiceNow – the service management system that was in use with most of their customers. Following a quick proof-of-concept, they started to rapidly onboard new customers, and manage them all the same way. This repeatable approach to Service Integration and Management (SIAM) integrations reduced new customer onboarding time by more than 80%, eliminated the need for manual replication of data between systems, and introduced common workflows and consistent service levels.

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The Payoff

Crossfuze’s EVP of Delivery and Operations, Jamey Anderson said, “We were doing SIAM before we even knew that was what it was called. Through our partnership with Perspectium, we have been able to turn SIAM from a concept into something that gives us full data transparency with all our customers”.

Since going live, transaction volumes have quadrupled from initial estimates, and Crossfuze now supports more than 10 million customer transactions each month. They expanded their service portfolio beyond incident management, to include knowledge management and CMDB, with Perspectium helping to rapidly on-board customers by ensuring Crossfuze analysts have the same information as their customers.

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Through their partnership, Crossfuze and Perspectium have created a federated system of record for incidents, CMDB and knowledge; lowered costs by providing a single place to work for their agents; increased security by not requiring multiple logins; and increased visibility with accurate and centralized reporting. Crossfuze is also expanding into the provision of first-line customer service, with its Perspectium integration allowing them to focus on process mapping to on-board customers quickly, without the need for one-off custom development to each customer instance of ServiceNow or

For more on how Crossfuze (Virteva, at the time) improved service management, see highlights from the webinar "Delivering Success as a Service with Virteva."