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ServiceNow-Native Integration

Our users extract and replicate millions of records per day,
without impacting ServiceNow's performance.

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Perspectium ServiceNow Integration Use Cases

ServiceNow Data Lake Building
ServiceNow Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Data Lake Building & Archiving

Automatically populate data repositories in support of Data Lake building, Data Warehousing, Archiving and more.

Transfer massive amounts of data - tens of millions of records per day - without impacting ServiceNow's performance.

Advanced ServiceNow Reporting

Eliminate bottlenecks in Reporting, Analysis and Analytics.

Automate the transfer of ServiceNow data to your solutions of choice.

Enable Predictive Analytics, with massive throughput in ServiceNow data transfers.

ServiceNow to Business Intelligence
ServiceNow Dynamic Data Share

Business Intelligence Integrations

Automatically transfer ServiceNow data to BI tools of your choice.

Massive throughput, with zero performance impact.

Replicate data to BI solutions without delay.

Dynamic Data Sharing

Rules-based dynamic data sharing.

Automatically trigger data transfers when pre-defined conditions are met.

Perspectium also supports scheduled data transfers with full control over selected records, and when the transfer initiates.

ServiceNow Back Up and Restore
ServiceNow Self-Service Data

ServiceNow Backup and Restore

Extend ServiceNow's back up and restore capabilities.

Prevent data loss, with a secure, cloud-based data repository.

Granular control over what data is backed up, when it's backed up and for how long.

Self-Service Access to ServiceNow Data

Enable data democratization via self-service access to ServiceNow data.

End login credential sharing.

Allow employees to work with ServiceNow data, via their preferred solutions.


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We help many organizations integrate their ServiceNow data with the wider enterprise … including ServiceNow themselves!

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Move Ridiculously Large Amounts of Data, and Enable Real-Time Data Synchronization

Perspectium is a ServiceNow-native, no-code application that extracts ServiceNow data and replicates it to the target system.

This means organizations can keep ServiceNow dynamically and constantly synchronized with various ITSM and enterprise tools.

It also allows organizations to extract and replicate custom ServiceNow data sets in bulk, for purposes such as reporting and analytics.

Perspectium enables dynamic/real-time and bulk data synchronization without API or web services coding.

Avoiding API means the solution does not impact ServiceNow performance, even when moving ridiculously large amounts of data.

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