Customer Survey Reveals Surprising Results

We recently completed a survey on the integration practices and needs of ServiceNow customers and made a few surprising discoveries.

Forty-five percent (45%) of those ServiceNow customers surveyed currently use a data integration to replicate data between ServiceNow and their preferred storage. The most common reasons for moving this data out of ServiceNow were for analytics, archiving, machine learning or for federating company data. While most saw ServiceNow-provided analytics as adequate, many opted to use their preferred analytics tools and needed to merge this data with data from other tools across the organization.

48% of companies overall said that they have a business need to exchange information from their ServiceNow instance to a third-party instance, such as that of a partner, customer or service provider. This number went to 64% among customers that used ServiceNow for customer-facing processes and 59% among customers with three or more production instances.

Connecting to third parties and integrating ServiceNow data and processes to another instance enables seamless services, more comprehensive reporting and analytics and automation fulfillment of processes, including incidents, problems and changes. Despite the importance and value of these integrations, a remarkably high number of companies relied on manual “re-keying” means of transferring data, namely email, separate service provider portals and phone calls. Up to 39% still relied on email to “integrate” details from ServiceNow to a third party. 26% reported re-keying data from ServiceNow to third-party portal or application.

Integrations between ServiceNow and external data stores or other instances or applications are time-consuming, technically difficult, prone to mistakes and expensive. To maintain them on an ongoing basis is also equally time-consuming, difficult, mistake prone and expensive. In other words, the cost of maintaining an integration is usually the same as it is to develop it in the first place. Many companies do not realize or consider the challenges with ongoing maintenance of integrations.

Perspectium formed to take on all of these challenges. By offering data and process integrations as a fully maintained service, companies can effortlessly connect ServiceNow to external data stores, standardized analytics platforms, machine learning application, third parties or even multiple ServiceNow instances together. The integrations always stay current—despite changes on either end—and can scale at real-time without degrading the performance of ServiceNow.

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