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We asked ServiceNow customers how they move data and process between other technologies, repositories and third-party service providers.

The survey revealed that while the majority of respondents regularly need to exchange information with other tools, many of them still rely on manual processes to manage (and perform) that data exchange – which may not deliver long-term reliability.

Download the full survey results

The Perspectium Record Estimator application is available in the ServiceNow store now! This app enables you to understand and manage the growth of your ServiceNow instance. Ensure that you don’t run into “data debt”, and that all the tables in your instance stay within the limits that you set. You can use Record Estimator to understand the number of records in any table in your instance, get visibility into table growth over time, and set up alerts to notify you when records approach a threshold.

Click here to view in the ServiceNow Store

UPS needs a world-class HR application in place before their peak holiday season. To meet this goal, they want a solution that will let them send their ServiceNow HR records to their service provider. A SaaS-based approach enables the agility UPS requires to quickly deploy a strategic solution in a time-critical manner. UPS turned to Perspectium DataSync, recognizing that our simplicity of implementation fits their time-sensitive schedule.

Medica Health Plans is moving to a new instance of ServiceNow. This migration means transferring several years worth of data. Medica opted for Perspectium DataSync, which has a native ServiceNow application and a publish-and-subscribe approach to data replication. The new ServiceNow instance will give Medica the functionality, stability and security the business demands.

Perspectium is Now a Premier ServiceNow Partner

Perspectium is proud to announce that we have become a Premier ServiceNow partner. This elevation of our partner status means that we will be able to work even more closely with ServiceNow in bringing you solutions.

How Do ServiceNow Customers Extract Data?

A survey of ServiceNow customers shows a significant practice of ‘un-siloing’ service management data and processes.

Two New Products: DataSync Free and DataSync Express

Perspectium simplifies data replication from ServiceNow for reporting, business intelligence and machine learning with new free and low-cost alternatives.

Video: Overcoming Technical and Data Debt

For SerivceNow customers, here is technical debt and data debt explained in 2 minutes.

Webinar: Don’t Break the Bank – Avoiding Technical & Data Debt

Join service management legends David Loo of Perspectium and Chuck Tomasi of ServiceNow, as they discuss how to avoid breaking the brank with technical and data debt. Hear about trends, implications, and best practices that will set your IT function up for long-term success.

Webinar: Enabling the Global Economy with Service and Data

Hear from Naveed Khawar, manager of analytics and service transformation at PayPal, how Perspectium helped them overcome challenges in moving data out of ServiceNow to make it accessible for reporting and analytics that help keep the PayPal digital payments platform running 24×7.

Blog Articles and Videos

Be sure to follow our blog, which features fresh ideas and best practices to enhance your data automation.

Five Ways to Eliminate ServiceNow Data Debt…for Good
August 26, 2020
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST

As the CEO of Perspectium and the founding developer of ServiceNow, David Loo has unparalleled knowledge on how backup and recovery techniques can be used to support migrations, archiving, upgrades, and more. David and guests will highlight five ways to eliminate ServiceNow data debt…for good!

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