We have heard from hundreds of enterprises who are eager to extract ServiceNow data. But what do they hope to get out of it?

When you make real-time data available, decision-makers at your business do their jobs better.

To enable this access, smaller or newer ServiceNow customers often try to direct stakeholders to the ServiceNow platform.

But they end up outgrowing this method.

So why, specifically, do enterprises extract ServiceNow data for business intelligence?

1. Getting a full view

When you combine ServiceNow data with data from other tools in your business, you get a more complete view of the business.

2. Preserving performance

When you report from a database, there are no performance hits on the ServiceNow production instance.

Users of ServiceNow throughout the company can continue their activity as usual, without interruption.

3. Using familiar and powerful BI tools

You can avoid forcing cultural change by letting departments continue using the tools they love – perhaps Tableau or Power BI.

Want to learn more? Check out our article, “Extracting Data from ServiceNow for Business Intelligence.” 👇

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