“That’s always sort of a litmus test—how quickly can we get customers on board?”

Setting up new customers every week at Accenture, enterprise architect Jeff Lowenthal identified this key concern of service providers. MSPs know that a drawn-out, cumbersome implementation is costly, bringing unwelcome consequences:

  • Tying up staffing resources
  • Reducing customer satisfaction
  • Delaying go-live, and therefore impacting the ability to collect revenue
  • Delaying and jeopardizing future opportunities for upselling

Setting up integrations should not prolong or complicate the onboarding. Yet that scenario plays out too often, especially when the onboarding includes complex custom-built integrations that attempt to account for attachments, comments, or bidirectional flow.

Why Accelerate? Benefits of Rapid Customer Onboarding

On the other hand, an integration solution that accelerates onboarding, instead of slowing it down, offers several benefits:

  • Improving the marketing of your services by featuring rapid onboarding
  • Delivering on those promises, courtesy of a simplified integration solution
  • Satisfying customers, with the result of reducing customer turnover
  • Going live and starting to collect revenue earlier
  • Setting the stage for upsell opportunities and for creating customer evangelists for your services
  • Better profit margins, thanks to serving and empowering more customers

Bottom line: When you deploy rapid, repeatable implementations, all without sacrificing control and flexibility, you clear the bottleneck and unleash growth for your company.

What to Do? Simplify Customer Integrations

A key ingredient for speeding customer onboarding is a simplified integration solution.

Multiple customers mean multiple systems. And getting to all of those systems to set up and maintain endpoint integrations for all of those customers can be daunting.

A better approach is to manage all of those integrations from one webpage that uses pre-built ITSM processes that you can add to simply.

How to Do It? Service Provider Gateway

Service Provider Gateway allows you to streamline the technical side of the onboarding process, automating actions that you are currently doing by hand.

Single point of management: From a single pane of glass in Perspectium’s Service Provider Gateway, you as a service provider can manage all your endpoint integrations, without having to hop from one place to another within the system.

Pick a process: ITSM processes are central to your rapid and simple integrations within Service Provider Gateway. You can also add to these processes to account for specific relationships that you have with customers. But you are not starting with a blank slate. Your ability to select from our portfolio of pre-built processes makes integrations a snap.

Maintaining data security: Service providers emphasize domain separation, ensuring that data is not intermingled. Service Provider Gateway is domain-centric, keeping the transfer of data secure. Using Perspectium’s native application allows you and your customers to avoid having to exchange and manage a collection of usernames and passwords. Such a setup with a native application makes it easier for you to pass the security reviews that your customers require.

If you have used Perspectium in the past to set up dynamic shares and mappings individually for all your customers, you will see that the new Service Provider Gateway significantly reduces the steps that you will take for setting up integrations for new customers.

  • Export a process integration for easy migration from sub-production to production.
  • Clone an existing process integration, allowing you to create your own integration templates.

Faster Onboarding, Happier Customers

Some of the service providers that we work with are integrating a dozen or more customer endpoints per month. You have value to deliver, and your customer wants that value. The sooner the customer starts realizing that value, the happier your customer, giving them the chance to brag on you—and bring in more business for you.

Service Provider Gateway greatly simplifies and reduces the number of steps in the technical process for your customer onboarding. The result is that you reduce the risk for unexpected traffic jams, allowing you to stay on track to complete your implementations for customers on time.

If you are ready to talk about getting better time to value for your customers, contact us for a demonstration of Service Provider Gateway.

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