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The best way to get started on, or scope out an integration project is to talk to us - the experts.

Perspectium's expertise in ServiceNow integration is clear. Not only are we a trusted partner of the ITSM organization, but we even provide integration services to ServiceNow.

Our experts will not only demonstrate Perspectium's capabilities, but help you better understand your own requirements, and how the solution will work for your organization.

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Perspectium's ServiceNow integration options

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We help many organizations integrate their ServiceNow data with the wider enterprise … including ServiceNow themselves!

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Move Ridiculously Large Amounts of Data, and Enable Real-Time Data Synchronization

Perspectium is a no-code, native application that extracts ServiceNow data and replicates it to the target system. 

With Perspectium DataSync organizations have a trusted solution for extracting and replicating ServiceNow data sets in bulk, for purposes such as reporting and analytics.

Perspectium's ServiceBond is a trusted integration method for eBonding ServiceNow to other ITSM tools, or even other instances of ServiceNow. The bi-directional integration means that updates that happen in one ITSM tool, are reflected within integrated solutions, keeping all instances in sync.

Unlike traditional integration approaches, Perspectium's dynamic/real-time and bulk data synchronization does not rely on API or web services coding. Avoiding API means the solution does not impact ServiceNow performance, even when moving ridiculously large amounts of data.


Trusted, ServiceNow-Native Application

Perspectium is an officially recognized ServiceNow partner.

The Perspectium application works natively within ServiceNow, so 3rd-party solutions (that are difficult to configure and maintain) are not necessary.


A True Integration as a Service (IaaS)

Many other integration services simply provide an integration platform, and leave you to do the rest.

With Perspectium, our experts will implement and maintain the integration so your internal resources can be used more efficiently.


Protect Your Data Against System Failure and Outtages

The Perspectium application “queues” data transfers between systems.

So if there’s ever an issue with the target system, the data is not lost. It's securely encrypted and queued until the target system is back online. The transfer can then continue as normal.

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Take Advantage of the Cloud

The Perspectium application leverages the cloud to provide a highly-scalable, secure, SaaS-based solution.


No-Code Integration Solution

As a ServiceNow-native application, Perspectium is as easy to use as ServiceNow.

You’ll interact with Perspectium through the ServiceNow interface you’re already familiar with. For the end-user, no integration expertise is required.


No API Calls, No Performance Impacts

Perspectium was purpose built to avoid using API calls that impact ServiceNow performance.

This lets organizations automatically extract and replicate huge data volumes without slowing down query speed or delaying reporting.