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Upgrade ServiceNow's Archiving

Data Archive. Off-platforming archiving for ServiceNow.

Avoid additional storage fees

Avoid incurring additional storage fees for data that is not in active use, by archiving that data off-platform.

Improve ServiceNow's performance

Archive data off-platform to free up system resources and improve ServiceNow's performance.

Support compliance requirements

Support compliance efforts and audits with secure, encrypted archiving and fast retrieval.

Schedule archive events or archive on-demand

Set a schedule for periodic archival or create new archives as and when required.

Automate archive events

Use condition-based logic to automate archive events and introduce a systematic approach to archiving data.

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How many of these boxes can you check?

You need to archive ServiceNow data off-platform, to avoid additional storage fees

You need the ability to feed archive data into solutions such reporting, AI, BI, ML and other tools

You need to archive events to be secure, supported by encryption that protects data at-rest and in-transit

You'd prefer to upgrade ServiceNow's archiving capabilities via a native application, rather than introducing a third-party solution

If any of the above statements apply to your organization, then the answer to your problems is Data Archive for ServiceNow. Request a 25-minute demo today.

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