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Some of my favorites

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    Zak Cole

    I have worked with pretty much every Perspectium customer over the past several years. In that time I have come in contact with some incredibly talented and inventive people. They have come up with some really interesting ways to take advantage of the power of Perspectium solutions to benefit their organizations.

    Here are a few highlights:

    Disaster Recovery/Change Rollback
    A customer who had been bitten by a bad upgrade or two in the past needed a way to ensure they had a way to completely rollback their upgrade after the change window and users had been on the system. While this may sound unlikely, this was exactly what had happened to them in the past. The customer needed a way to keep their critical data up to the rollback point, but revert everything else back to preupgrade state. To do this the customer came up with a method using Perspectium Replicator to send a copy of every critical insert, update, delete in their environment during the validation phase (and beyond for a few days). They reached out to us to validate their idea and do a test of it. The solution required data get sent to Perspectium Message Broker Service (MBS) with no subscribers. We held it for them as a remote, cloud safety net. In case of emergency they would rollback their application, then just subscribe to this stored data and get the current data in sync with their prior configuration. They wound up not needing this, and simply informed us when we could purge their backup data.

    Secure and Non-Secure targets
    A customer has two different Data Warehouse environments. One is for handling standard business data (non-secure). The other handles secure data with very stringent handling requirements. Of course we provide the Data Obfuscation capability which allows customers to safely handle PII and other restricted types of data. This was great for ensuring they weren’t inadvertently replicating data they shouldn’t in their environment. However they also needed to make sure their data with redacted content was not going to the non-secure database. The customer reached out to us to see how we could help.
    We were able to very easily separate out their data streams, and even multiplex the secure stream in the Perspectium MBS environment to allow them to publish all the data they needed, and none that they didn’t into the various targets.

    Let us know about some unique ways you are, or need to replicate your data.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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