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Centralized Analytics for MSPs

Monitoring performance across multiple customer systems is hard, and it is essential that a service provider can spot trends and changes that may impact their business especially as their customer base expands.

Perspectium MSP solutions allow service providers to gather all customer data into one place for centralized analytics, to demonstrate how they are performing in the aggregate, and to ensure that services are being provided in line with operating and financial goals.

Why Centralized Analytics?



MSP Management Reporting


MSP Management Reporting


Real-time reporting on service delivery, SLA threats, and financial status of the business


You can maintain a central management reporting database that provides visibility into activity at the customer, service, or overall level. Workflow can alert you to situations that may threaten an SLA breach, and you can determine the overall cost of delivering service to your customers.



Service Performance Analytics


Service Performance Analytics


A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when it shows how things are going.


Perspectium provides pre-build dashboards and reports that allow you to graphically depict the state of the business, and the trends over time, for improved management oversight and control.

As important as it is for a service provider to know how they are performing for a single customer, it is equally or possibly more important to be able to report across an entire service or the complete spectrum of services offered. This requires real-time access to accurate customer data in a way that does not slow down the systems being managed, and which does not require large teams to gather and manage the data for reporting purposes.

For this to happen, integration is a key element of the management solution that helps avoid the need to solve the management scalability challenge with the addition of costly headcount.

  • Customer activity/performance needs to be analyzed on a regular basis, both to ensure alignment with SLA and service goals but also to spot trends that could indicate a problem with the customer system or potentially a change in how the service should be delivered going forward.
  • Proactive monitoring for potential service level breaches helps the service provider avoid situations that consume larger than expected resource, or which invoke contractual penalty clauses due to service delivery falling below goal.
  • Cost of Service reporting can be done at the customer level or at the service level. Do you need to allocate more resource to a valuable service which is generating strong margins, or potentially scale back resource on a service which no longer requires dedicated attention?

Perspectium integration allows for real-time replication of customer data into a centralized reporting instance, thanks to an architecture that creates almost no performance impact on production systems. Customer data can be synchronized as often as is appropriate, configured via system rules in the application rather than with development of custom integration code, providing complete analytical visibility to service provider leadership.

What are your integrations costing you today?

You are spending a lot more on integrations than you think. Our TCO calculator will figure out how much your integrations are costing you today - and tell you how much they could cost you with Perspectium.


Centralized Analytics With Perspectium

Perspectium integration solutions provide centralized analytics for service providers who need to monitor and report on activities and trends, by customer, by service, or in aggregate across their whole business. The ability to replicate large quantities of customer records into a single, central analytics instance with almost no impact on the customer systems provides near real-time accuracy of data for trending analyses, reporting on potential breaches to SLAs, and to ensure visibility on performance versus goal.

Perspectium does this with a monitored, real-time data replication and synchronization cloud service that propagates data – without loss – between you and your customers. We provide the highest data transfer rate, with the least performance impact to the applications. Unlike a typical point-to-point integration, the Perspectium solution is built on a highly scalable enterprise message-bus architecture and provides a flexible publish and subscribe framework that is integrated into your existing ServiceNow/Salesforce administrative user interfaces.

The advantage this gives your customers is the ability to manage systems, and monitor for unusual customer trends in real-time. No need to wait for low use production times or even having to take a production system offline to obtain batch updates of data for reporting purposes: reporting can be done with no impact to the customer system performance.

Real-time data replication for centralized reporting

Complete visibility across your service delivery business in one place

Spot trends that may result in SLA breaches

Respond to issues before they create operational or financial cost

Monitor service delivery versus goal by customer

Identify areas over-performing and address areas needing attention

High throughput of complex objects

Replicate millions of customer records a day as needed

Low impact on customer environment

Replicate data in real-time without impacting customer system performance

Financial reporting at the service or customer level

Obtain a true picture of the cost of service delivery