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Visit Perspectium at KNOWLEDGE24

ServiceNow Partner
ServiceNow Certified App

Book an in-person appointment with us at Knowledge 24 and learn more about our solution and services, including:

Performance impact-free data transfers

Transfer over 1 million ServiceNow records per day to a range of third-party solutions, and without impacting performance.

Off-platform archiving

Archive huge volumes of ServiceNow data off-platform to avoid incurring additional storage fees.

Take control of ServiceNow backup & restore

Upgrade ServiceNow's backup capabilities with a native-application, enabling indefinite backup retention, full control over the backup schedule and restore without downtime.

No-code end-user experience

Perspectium applications are implemented and maintained by Perspectium, allowing our users to focus on value adding tasks. Stop fighting to make ServiceNow integrations work, and let Perspectium work for you!

Improve ServiceNow data availability

Break down departmental barriers and make ServiceNow data available to the people that need it, when they need.

Protect ServiceNow and your customers

Protect data with obfuscation, encryption of data at-rest and in-transit and unlimited backup creation & retention.

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