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Automated Services to Transform Your Data

As data moves between applications, it is often necessary to transform that data. Sometimes that transformation will add meaning to the data (by reducing “noise” or adding context), sometimes it may conceal meaning (in the case of obfuscation), and sometimes it may present the data back in a different form altogether (such as ServiceNow performance monitoring).

Of course, even in a transformation scenario, the data exchange needs to be secure, highly available and bi-directional. Can you deliver data services today?

Why Data Services?

Transform Data in Transit


Transform Data in Transit


Transform Data in Transit

As data moves between applications, Perspectium delivers the ability to transform that data in a number of ways.

Whether its obfuscating a sensitive part of the data (like credit card details or a SSN), aggregating like/related records (like network events), normalizing data as it is transferred (like CMDB records), Perspectium can transform data in transit – in real time.

Improve ServiceNow performance

Improve ServiceNow Performance


Improve ServiceNow Performance

By integrating with development processes, Perspectium can predict the impact of code changes to ServiceNow applications.

Perspectium also integrates with operational processes to detect potential outages (before they occur) and deliver continuous monitoring and trending of ServiceNow metrics related to health and performance.

When moving data between systems as part of a process, there exists the opportunity to enrich that data to make it more meaningful to the consuming application. This is not just the mapping and reformatting of data to match fields between applications … this is the opportunity to make the data more valuable through services like:

  • Validation – ensure that data is what it purports to be. This could be as simple as confirming that a phone number has the requisite number of digits, or it may go a step further, calling on an external service to validate the actual phone number as an existing number.
  • Performance/Benchmarking – ensuring that your ServiceNow instances are optimized, and that new code won’t detrimentally impact application performance. Monitor/Trend ServiceNow performance to detect and predict Issues, and quickly determine root-cause and lower mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Obfuscation – concealing data to protect privacy. For example, when a social security number is detected in a record, it could be obfuscated so that it would only be seen by people with the need (and permission) to do so, while leaving the rest of the record untouched.
  • Aggregation – de-duplication and grouping of data to make it more easily consumable. A common example of this would be the aggregation of event management data prior to it entering a service management system – dramatically reducing the amount of data being imported and ensuring that the consuming system is not overwhelmed.
  • Normalization – ensuring that data is in a uniform, consistent format. This is most commonly applied to CMDB data – to ensure data integrity, optimized queries, and faster index creation and sorting.

...and more!

Perspectium takes responsibility for getting your data from A to B, and performing services on it in transit. Nothing to write, assemble or maintain – we deliver a solution that is complete from end to end. All delivered as a subscription service with 24/7 support, in monitored and automated datacenters, with onboarding and customizations included.

What are your integrations costing you today?

You are spending a lot more on integrations than you think. Our TCO calculator will figure out how much your integrations are costing you today - and tell you how much they could cost you with Perspectium.


Transforming Your Data
with Perspectium

Perspectium delivers bi-directional integration between your applications with the option of transforming the data in transit. For example, a healthcare provider might want to ensure HIPAA compliance by obfuscating patient identification (and raising an alert) whenever it was detected in a data transfer. Another example might be a ServiceNow developer avoiding and resolving performance and reliability issues during a software development life-cycle – by examining instance performance data over time.

Perspectium does this with a monitored, real-time data replication and synchronization cloud service that propagates data – without loss – between your applications. We provide the highest data transfer rate, with the least performance impact to the applications. Unlike a typical point-to-point integration, the Perspectium solution is built on a highly scalable enterprise message-bus architecture and provides a flexible publish and subscribe framework that is integrated into your existing ServiceNow/Salesforce administrative user interfaces.

Use ServiceNow or Salesforce to manage

Familiar, easy-to-use interface with no new language or technology to learn

Native understanding of application data schemas

Including attachments, journal fields, hierarchical tables, and reference fields

Not just data moves - process-level integration

Integration can become an integral part of your application workflow

High throughput of complex objects

Many customers routinely replicate more than 10 million records per day

Low impact on application resources

Move data without worrying about performance implications

Get your data where you need it

High availability - even if temporary power and network outages get in the way