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How can you connect with customers and systems faster – and at a lower cost than ever before?

Watch this video to hear what brought Fujitsu to Perspectium and the benefits that the new integrations bring to the business.

The Royal Bank of Canada needed to archive 11 years of data. To meet auditing requirements, RBC also needed to report on ITSM data. With Perspectium, RBC will be able to provide near real-time data to a host of analysts – without impacting ServiceNow performance. The integration will also enable RBC to scale easily and to make use of advanced reporting features beyond what is available in their ITSM tool.

In addition to signing on new customers, Perspectium is continually implementing new integrations for existing customers – who have the advantage of extra fast implementations, thanks to having the existing Perspectium framework in place. Ready to talk about your next integration? Just contact us, or get in touch with your Perspectium account executive.

The Unrivaled Guide to Service Provider Integration
In today’s business environment, service providers aim for IT processes and data to flow across applications, providers, and customers. This 60-page guide discusses how to implement and enhance the right integration solution, which can both maintain and advance your customer onboarding and your service delivery.

Fujitsu Case Study
Providing managed services to customers, Fujitsu uses Perspectium to integrate customers’ ServiceNow instances and Fujitsu’s own ServiceNow instances. Process integration links instances to each other, and data integration connects ServiceNow to data warehouses for reporting and analytics.

Blog Articles and Videos

Be sure to follow our blog, which features fresh ideas and best practices to enhance your integration solution.

We are constantly working to improve our products and respond to your requests – and we would love to let you try out some of our exciting new functionality. We’ll even help you implement it in a test environment. All we ask in return is that you provide us with some feedback on the new functionality. This is a great way for you to experiment with some new product features – with absolutely no obligation to add anything to your subscription.

Make Dynamic Shares Bulletproof
Customers deploying Perspectium Dynamic Shares can now elect to use Flow Designer as the underlying trigger (instead of business rules). The benefit of this approach is that Flow Designer “flows” cannot be interrupted, so you can have a higher level of confidence in your data transfers.

Get a Time Machine with Temporal Data Support
Temporal data supports time-sensitive status with valid from and valid to characteristics per record. Where traditional databases only support data considered valid at the time of use, a temporal database can establish at what times entries are accurate. In the world of service management, this helps you understand how and when updates occurred and statuses changed. It’s like a time machine – giving you the ability to see what your data looked like at a specific point-in-time.

To participate in either (or both!) of these early release programs, just send an email to, and we’ll work with you to get everything set up.

Now at Work Washington DC
Nov 20, 2019
Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C.
Join us at ServiceNow’s Now at Work event in Washington D.C. to learn how to transform the world of work. Whether you need to extend service processes or move ridiculous quantities of data without impacting system performance, stop by the Perspectium booth to learn the critical role that integration plays in transforming business.

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