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Help is always there with Perspectium, even if you’re not.

These are uncertain times. There’s uncertainty around who will be impacted by this pandemic, and uncertainty around when things will return to what we used to call “normal”.

But throughout all of this, we proactively monitor our customers so that their automations remain connected and available, that their data stores remain up to date without losing a beat.

Just as SaaS promises constant availability, our ServiceNow cloud-native integration as a service delivers availability and throughput even when you are working remotely.

Customers requiring special assistance when working from home please contact our support hotline +1-888-620-8880 or email

Thank you and be safe.

The Qualcomm executive management team, being highly data driven, needed real-time visibility of ServiceNow data to enable fast, informed decisions. With a large volume of data, they also needed a scalable means to automate this connection. Qualcomm partnered with Perspectium for a new, low-overhead automation solution. The DataSync product will give Qualcomm real-time insights without immobilizing their ServiceNow production instance.

As part of a service digitization initiative, Humana needs to send ServiceNow data to a data warehouse through a more robust means than API integration. By combining ServiceNow data with data from other sources, Humana will be able to produce reports and feed dashboards that will provide better visibility for go/no-go change deployment to production. They will also be able to understand the cost of critical incidents and the impact on customers. Humana signed on for Perspectium DataSync, recognizing the speed of implementation and the strength of the architecture. In addition to meeting their current requirements, Humana will also have a framework that allows for the ready deployment of future automated connections.

We invite you to try a hands-on, self paced demo of Perspectium DataSync – the solution that ServiceNow themselves use to automate data extraction in real-time or batch mode for reporting, analytics, and instance synchronization. It’s the perfect way to spend time between sessions at the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience.

Here’s a chance to win an Amazon gift card or charitable donation for COVID19 relief. If you are a ServiceNow customer, please help us with a short 2-minute research survey of ServiceNow data integration. We are examining the current practices in replicating data or processes between ServiceNow instances or to external storage.

Webinar – Improving Customer Transparency and Responsiveness with Automation

Hear how Fujitsu are improving transparency and responsiveness with their customers, partnering with Perspectium to seamlessly connect with their customer IT service desk systems and moving large quantities of service delivery data to their data warehouse for reporting and analytics.

Social…but Distant – A CEO Conversation About ServiceNow and What’s Next

Two ServiceNow legends come together to chat about some of the most important topics facing ServiceNow professionals. Join David Loo (ServiceNow’s founding developer and CEO of Perspectium) and Mike Lombardo (CEO of GlideFast Consulting) for a conversation about upgrades, migrations, integrations, implementations and lots more.

Webinar – Get Back in the Box

Jonathan Ridyard from National Grid and Martin Frain from Swiss Re share their experiences of migrating from heavily customized to “out of box” ServiceNow applications – including some unexpected challenges that they encountered along the way.

Webinar – SaaS and Data: When Worlds Collide – a Virtual Roundtable

When your ServiceNow data is in the cloud, but your BI and analytics tools are in your data warehouse, how do you get maximum value from your ITSM data? Panelists from Abbvie, Accenture, and Perspectium answer questions and share their top tips on overcoming this data challenge.

Webinar – Gold Release

The Gold release demonstrates our commitment to continually enhancing your Perspectium products. This release includes performance enhancements, configuration aids, execution helpers and other improvements.

Webinar – IT’s Role in Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience (CX) is often assumed to be something that Customer Support will handle. In reality, IT plays a major role in a company’s ability to implement and optimize a successful CX strategy. Watch this short on-demand webinar to understand the role that you can play in helping your company excel in CX.

Whitepaper – Automation Beats Integration: Meeting Your Business Goals with Automated Connections

Integration is not a stand-alone initiative. Integration is an important component to the larger business objective of automation. This whitepaper compares integration to automation, and explains the importance of solving the business challenge – not just the technical challenge.

Webinar – Enabling the Global Economy with Service and Data
June 24, 2020
9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT / 5:00pm BST

Join our next webinar to hear Naveed Khawar, manager of Service Analytics & Optimization, discuss how PayPal uses Perspectium DataSync to extract essential ServiceNow data for reporting and analytics in their corporate database.

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