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Do you ever need to wait to take action until an update takes effect? CDW found that real-time, dynamic replication made it much simpler to query ServiceNow data for reports. No more having to wait for updates.

Listen to Paul Liesse explain CDW’s setup, along with the benefits of dynamic sharing in this 1-minute video clip, one of several taken from the webinar.

The cybersecurity team at Dignity Health had an immediate need to replicate CMDB data between their ServiceNow instance and the IT ServiceNow instance. The two instances were on different versions of ServiceNow, and the cost to build and maintain a custom integration was too high. With an integration solution in place, Dignity Health benefits from real-time replication of up-to-date data, with none of the worries of having to manage a home-grown integration solution.

The Workplace Tech team at Ernst & Young was receiving multiple requests for access to ServiceNow production data to support BI and analytics reporting. EY needed to find a solution to address all of these requests with minimal impact to the production instance and to EY support resources. Perspectium provides EY with the ability to replicate dynamically to a cloud database where multiple reporting tools can access data to support BI initiatives. With BI and analytics jobs run on the database instead of the ServiceNow instance, EY can avoid heavy performance impacts on the ServiceNow production instance.

The cybersecurity team at Perspectium and the International Foundation for Digital Competencies (IFDC) are partnering to promote VeriSM™, an approach that helps organizations move toward value-driven, evolving, responsive and integrated service management.

Video: Adopting VeriSM Principles in Your Business
VeriSM is a new approach that describes service management from the organizational level, looking at the end-to-end view rather than focusing on a single department. It’s service management for the digital age.


White Paper: Delivering Customer Value Through Managed Services
The contested and turbulent space of managed services requires innovation, differentiation, and service excellence. To meet your goals of delivering customer value, integrations are essential. In this white paper, learn of several ways that service providers deliver value for customers through an integration solution, along with examples of service providers who are delivering that value.

White Paper: The Brain of Service Management
To meet your service management goals, your business collects data from multiple, disparate systems of record. But without a method of consolidating that data in one place, the risk is high for inefficiency, errors, and a host of other problems. The answer to this challenge is a federated system of record.

Video: Europium Release Webinar
The Europium release contains improvements in functionality that falls into four categories: new and enhanced endpoints, service intelligence with AWS, new replication capabilities, Salesforce application

Infographic: Bad Data is Bad Business
Chances are that your company regularly deals with the frustrations of data quality and availability. But so do your competitors. Bad data quality is a problem, but improving data quality means new opportunities.

Blog Articles and Videos
Be sure to follow our blog, which features fresh ideas and best practices to enhance your integration solution.

Pink19 Annual Conference
Perspectium is exhibiting at “Pink19”: Pink Elephant’s 23rd annual IT Service Management conference and exhibition. The event is at The Bellagio Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on February 17-20, 2019. Join us to learn how you can extend the value of your service management environment with integration solutions that don’t require complex, custom developments or resource-hungry API development toolkits.

HDI 2019 Conference & Exhibition
Join us at one of the technical support industry’s most comprehensive events. Learn how Perspectium integration solutions for service management enable enterprise-wide, federated service management processes, without creating burden or complexity for service management professionals.

SITS 2019 – The Service Desk & IT Support Show
Join us in London to learn how we help IT professionals at companies such as National Grid, CERN, Cisco, ServiceNow, and Accenture deliver integrated service management solutions, so that they can execute service management processes across multiple technologies and customers. Make service management the centre of your business, without the burden or cost of custom API development between critical business applications.

Knowledge 2019
Once again, Perspectium is proud to be a gold sponsor of the largest service management event in the world! Come visit us in the Knowledge 2019 ExpoNow hall, to learn why Perspectium is the leading integration solution not only for ServiceNow, but for all service management solutions.

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