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Whether you need better reporting, faster time-to-value with customer onboarding, or any number of other outcomes, data integration enhances your service management. After all, integration solutions should focus on adding value to the business.

Learn more about using integrations to enhance service management in this 2-minute video clip.

Little Fish UK, a managed services provider, was growing 40% year over year, and needed scalable solutions to continue allowing and fueling their growth. Little Fish found a superior integration solution for Ivanti environments in Perspectium. The agile, repeatable solution lets Little Fish implement simply for rapid time to value, and have scalability for continued growth.

Seeing the need for more accurate and efficient business intelligence, the leadership of NVIDIA led an initiative to integrate ITSM data with a database for reporting in Tableau. NVIDIA enlisted Perspectium for real-time transfer of ITSM data for Tableau reporting. This scalable automation gives accurate, real-time visibility that eliminates the time-intensive swivel-chair process.

At NHS National Services Scotland, the complex legacy reporting solution in place was at the end of its life, unable to easily get the information required to run critical reports. Recognizing the ITSM experience at Perspectium, NHS NSS chose Perspectium for their new reporting solution. The secure, real-time integration gives NHS NSS the data-transfer control they need.

Fujitsu America Inc was looking for an integration solution that would allow them to sync their ITSM instance to a database from which they could run reports. After initially considering another vendor, Fujitsu America selected Perspectium for the scalable solution that transfers data without impacting the performance of the ITSM application from which data transfers.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) needed to provide ITSM data to their data scientists, so that advanced analytics could support decision making for service provider agreements. As a result, BMS needed to integrate ITSM data to a database for that reporting requirement. With Perspectium, BMS can scale and control data flow from within the ITSM app.

SoCalTech: Interview with David Loo, CEO and Founder of Perspectium

SoCalTech hosted a Q&A with David Loo telling the story of Perspectium, and how our customers benefit by eliminating service management silos.

TechTarget: Accenture Turns to ITSM Integration Tool for Data Compilation

In this article from TechTarget Search IT Operations, Jeff Lowenthal talks about how Accenture uses Perspectium to enable integrations with the customers and internally within Accenture.

The Unrivaled Guide to Data Integration for Service Management

This 40-page beast is essential reading and reference. Learn why companies integrate data, what good data integration looks like, and how you can maintain the health of your data-integration solution.

The Unrivaled Guide to Process Integration for Service Management

The work at your business extends across departments. Multiple departments need to see and act on data related to your critical business processes—in their own best-of-breed apps. Process integration is all about making that happen.

Blog Articles and Videos

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Our offices have always been bursting with integration knowledge. But lately, they also became increasingly crowded with the new integration experts we’ve hired! Due to our remarkable growth, we’ve moved. If only we could move boxes and furniture as fast and effortlessly as we move your data. Our new address is 10301 Meanley Drive, Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92131. Our telephone numbers remain the same.

Future of Work Atlanta
Sept 17, 2019
Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA
Perspectium is proud to be sponsoring the ServiceNow Future of Work Atlanta event on September 17, 2019. Join us to learn why customers like Accenture, Cisco, PayPal, and ServiceNow trust Perspectium integration solutions.

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