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Zak Cole

ServiceNow Data Replication

ServiceNow Data Replication – A Step-by-Step Guide

By Zak Cole / June 21, 2022

To get the most out of ServiceNow, data replication is a vital capability. The more your business depends on data, the more critical it becomes for you to ensure data’s availability and that there is little to no scope for data failure. What is data replication? Simply put, data replication is the process of creating…

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ServiceNow Data Backup

5 Common ServiceNow Data Backup Mistakes and How You Can Prevent Them

By Zak Cole / June 7, 2022

A ServiceNow data backup could save your organization a huge expense in the event of data loss. As organizations grapple to stay future-proof, digital transformation continues to be an integral part of every CXO’s business goals. Businesses are prioritizing moving from manual operations to cloud backed processes, but are they investing as many resources into…

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Integration as a Service (IaaS) – Definition and Benefits

By Zak Cole / May 11, 2022

Integration as a Service (IaaS) has become a popular model for facilitating integrations between enterprise applications.  Its popularity is driven by organizations seeking better connected systems in their increasingly complex and siloed enterprise architectures.  Jump to: What is Integration as a Service? Why Integrate Solutions? IaaS vs. iPaaS Benefits of IaaS IaaS for ServiceNow What…

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Service Desk Integrations

5 Helpful Service Desk Integrations That Improve Efficiency

By Zak Cole / May 3, 2022

There are a number of helpful service desk integrations that help organizations connect ITSM technologies to third-party applications.  Service desks integrations include:  Business intelligence (BI) tools Development tools Customer service tools Knowledge tools Other service desks Organizations that integrate their service desk with 3rd-party applications, can provide a better experience for customers and employees alike.…

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4 Common ServiceNow integrations

4 ServiceNow Integration Use Cases

By Zak Cole / April 26, 2022

There are a number of ServiceNow integration use cases for helping organizations connect ServiceNow to 3rd-party applications. The availability of ServiceNow integrations are key driving factors behind the ServiceNow’s popularity.  As a leader in ITSM technologies, ServiceNow is critical to many organization’s operations. Integrating ServiceNow improves the employee and customer experience by breaking down data…

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IT Service Management Silos

Service Management Silos – The Key to Breaking Down ITSM Silos

By Zak Cole / April 12, 2022

Service Management silos prevent organizations from enjoying a holistic view of their IT Service Management (ITSM) data.  Data and information silos are caused by a lack of integration between disparate technologies. For organizations where data is a key part of its operations, these silos severely impact the levels of service provided to customers.  Meeting customer…

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Connect ServiceNow to Other Applications

How to Connect ServiceNow to Third-Party Applications

By Zak Cole / April 5, 2022

Organizations leverage data and process integrations to connect ServiceNow to other applications. There are a number of options available to facilitate such integrations – from manual to technological solutions.  Jump to: Connecting ServiceNow to Third-Party Applications: The Recommended Approach Other ServiceNow Integration Options Considerations for ServiceNow Integrations Organizations with large data volumes typically embrace integration…

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ITSM Benefits and Best Practices

ITSM Integration Benefits and Best Practices

By Zak Cole / March 29, 2022

IT Service Management (ITSM) integration helps organizations align disparate ITSM vendor services and applications.  In modern, data-driven business, aligning such services and applications is crucial, since many organizations leverage various vendors to serve their customer’s needs. In order to provide a seamless and consistent standard of service, an organization’s ITSM applications must be connected. Such…

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Slow Service Now Performance - Over-customization

Slow ServiceNow Instance Performance Could be Down to Over-Customization

By Zak Cole / March 22, 2022

Slow ServiceNow instance performance is a thorn in many organization’s IT service management (ITSM) strategies. Poor ServiceNow performance can cause bottlenecks that impede an organization’s scalability. A leader among ITSM vendors, ServiceNow is a highly customizable tool – a key factor driving its popularity. Organizations can tailor the tool to meet their specific demands, adding…

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Service Management Data Integration: A Guide

By Zak Cole / March 15, 2022

Service management data integration helps unsilo enterprise and customer data, granting service management professionals a comprehensive view of the right information. Service-management requires consistent and accurate data. But this consistency is difficult to achieve when disparate tools lead to information silos – and the implications are huge. Not having the right data available, among the…

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