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Craig McDonogh

6 Ways to Restore ServiceNow Data Better

By Craig McDonogh / September 30, 2021

Restoring ServiceNow data is like planning for a chess move, several moves in advance. It’s been said that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy,” but you can learn from past events.  And what we hear from ServiceNow customers is that they seek more control over how they both back up and restore ServiceNow…

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How Enterprises Solve Technical and Data Debt

By Craig McDonogh / September 4, 2020

The great thing about ServiceNow is that it’s a powerful and easy-to-use application platform. The not-so-great thing about ServiceNow is that it’s a powerful and easy to use application platform. And as with any such platform that is easy to develop on, citizen developers build onto it. The more time passes, the more they add…

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Infographic: Integration vs Automation

By Craig McDonogh / August 6, 2020

Download high-quality image from this link

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The Difficult but Crucial Task of “Un-Siloing” ServiceNow Data & Processes

By Craig McDonogh / July 22, 2020

Customer Survey Reveals Surprising Results We recently completed a survey on the integration practices and needs of ServiceNow customers and made a few surprising discoveries. Forty-five percent (45%) of those ServiceNow customers surveyed currently use a data integration to replicate data between ServiceNow and their preferred storage. The most common reasons for moving this data…

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Video: Why Your ETL Tool is Broken

By Craig McDonogh / June 3, 2019

For years ETL tools have been a standard approach for data integration mainly because there simply haven’t been any better options. But the 1970s were almost 50 years ago, and now there are better options. Watch to learn about the modern way to integrate applications, databases, and suppliers.

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The Case for Integration as a Service

By Craig McDonogh / May 28, 2019

The turn of the millennium saw a rise of software as a service (SaaS). Until then, companies used applications locally installed on each computer to drive most of their business. But as companies partnered with vendors who offered SaaS, those companies did so to gain a number of benefits. Benefits of “As a Service” If…

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Service Intelligence – Amazon Web Services and Perspectium

By Craig McDonogh / November 20, 2018

In May, the Amazon Web Services team fought through the crowd to visit us at our booth at ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 event and talked to us about how powerful it would be to combine Perspectium technology with what they have to offer as the market-leading cloud computing platform provider. That got us thinking … and after…

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Privacy Shield Announcement

By Craig McDonogh / August 14, 2018

On July 27, 2018, Perspectium received confirmation that it complies with the Privacy Shield principles for the transfer of European personal data to the United States. The framework was designed by the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce, and it’s goal is to provide both U.S. and European companies with a mechanism to…

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Are Your Business Apps Like an Expensive TV Dinner?

By Craig McDonogh / November 21, 2017

Swanson was the first company to achieve success with TV dinners in 1953. The first Swanson-brand TV Dinner was a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, peas and sweet potatoes packaged in a tray like those used at the time for airline food service. Interestingly, the name “TV dinner” supposedly came from the shape of the tray it was served on. The main…

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Integrated Solutions

By Craig McDonogh / October 12, 2017

Workflow automation isn’t new – you’ve been doing it for years. You have workflows within your IT applications, within your HR applications, within your supply chain applications, and within most of the other tools you use to run your business. Those workflows ensure that your processes are being executed properly, that nothing is falling through…

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