Perspectium for Managed Service Providers

As A Service Provider…

… you need to be able to exchange data with your customers, but you have to retain control over what data is sent out from which application, and how that data is consumed within your customers’ systems.

Perhaps you are replicating data from your customers’ systems to your own central instance. Perhaps you are pushing data over to a reporting instance to reduce the reporting impact on your production environment. Whatever the need, you want to be confident that all those data exchanges actually take place, and you can’t compromise performance or security to make it happen.

How Can Perspectium Help?

Perspectium enables you to integrate your enterprise applications within a native application delivered via cloud. There is no custom coding, and you have full control over the data coming in and out of the system. And importantly, Perspectium is delivered implemented … so you start benefiting from the integration as a service the minute you turn it on.

Perspectium can help you:

  • Replicate ServiceNow data to any other application
  • Enable bi-directional data streams between MySQL, SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday and more
  • Monitor and trend ServiceNow performance to predict issues, shorten development time and safely upgrade
  • Consolidate ServiceNow instances with real-time production data migrations
  • Collect and aggregate event data to deliver de-duplicated, correlated, noiseless data into the event console

Why Perspectium?

Data control means that you control what data is sent to other applications – both from a field and record perspective. Unlike other integration platforms that send out “all or nothing”, Perspectium gives you control over what data goes in and out, and to which applications.

Availability – Perspectium is an integration technology that was architected for the cloud, and is delivered in a highly available model, complete with multi-node clustering and a mirrored message bus. Unlike other products, Perspectium doesn’t rely on agents nor can it be stopped by something as trivial as a power outage.

Throughput – Perspectium provides an enterprise service bus that allows database loads of 1000 records/second and ServiceNow publishing of 250 records per second. Unlike other integration platforms, Perspectium can copy information from your production systems while you are using them, without slowing anything down.